Thursday, November 30, 2006

My Weird Sense of Sexy

As I get older the less movie and television personalities make my heart flutter.
But I am noticing a strange trend in my idea of sexy.
I was watching Criminal Minds last night and I kept noticing that I was reacting to Matt Gubler's smiles and eye twinkles.

I figure I am truely mad smiling back at the TV while I am knitting away in my oversized flannel nighty! But non-the-less there was me, nodding my head and smiling watching the super geek on TV.

My family always laughs at my idea of sexy.
The two most awesome men in my star dreams are Sean Connery and Jackie Chan!
Not the typical sex symbols one would think of.
Seems I can never pick a guy who is not already getting old age pension!

Well this time I picked a young one. I believe he may possibly be the youngest cast member of the FBI profiler show Criminal Minds.
I really don't know what draws me to him, but I do find myself always reacting with facial expressions to his character's expressions on the TV.

I also really like the Character of Penelope Garcia played by Kristen Vangsness. Her Character is like a blond version of me. Spunky and perky with the clown-like quality.

As I sit there and knit, my dumb little imagination puts me into the character fold.

Yeah once in a while I am not the bright shining star you thought me to be. But yet another troll excited by the sparkles and glitter of the fantasy TV world!


RennyBA said...

Whatever your idea idea of sexy is, I wish you a wonderful end to your week:-)

Mother of Invention said...

Sean was /is? definitely sexy! He was the best Bond! But I haven't seen the new one yet!

WaterFall said...

I always thought Kramer was very sexy. I seem to go for the tall goofy types:)