Wednesday, November 22, 2006

For The Offended

I am always so pissy when I am sick. Just can't seem to leave well enough alone.
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RheLynn said...

**thumbs up!**

TorAa said...

x-my fingers

RennyBA said...

Sorry to hear you are having this problem with your eye. Hope you recover soon with all the best wishes from your friend in Norway:-)

Sue said...

Hope you feel better soonly you Wii-tarded woo-woo ... :)

Sorry I couldn't resist .. ;)

No more feeding the trolls.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lynn,

I'm so sorry to hear that you are having this problem. Especially with your sight involved. You should not have to wait.

I'm sick too. It's me bowels!! lol
Doncha love our healthcare system? You can't get in till dec 11th. I spent 10 hours in emerg Tues. Back for ultra sound Wed over to other hospital and wait 3hrs to be told, Your fine! All the tests are ok! Isn't that great:)Yipee!!!
"Then why do I feel like my side has had an inscision cut in it?"
and they just look at you are a mad woman...because you're not happy.

So I guess we both rest and wait. Watch the temps. and keep our fingers crossed lol
I'm going back to bed lol
I'll get caught up on some readings and maybe do some spirit drawings..and be pissy too :)
namaste *hugs*
love and light

Lynn said...

Nancy if things don't improve by tomorrow send me an email. I will co-ordinate a healing with you. We can help eachother.

Lynn said...

Matt from Paranormal blog sent this as an email:

From Matthew:

I wanted to post this in your blog... but you WISELY locked the comments... so please, allow me to share here...

As someone who's worked with paint and wallpaper professionally (way back in high school,) it was proper to say that "Humidity causes paint drying to become retarded."

As an aviation enthusiast (all my life,) it's common to hear how "The drag is retarded by winglets."

According to Websters, "Retarded" is a transitive verb meaning to slow up especially by preventing or hindering advance or accomplishment.

As someone who has grown up all his life in a family with an aunt who's mentally challenged and "designated" Mongoloid Retarded, I personally don't have a problem with the usage here... and considering the TRUE roots of the word "retarded", I'd assume anyone having issues with it's use in any form is truly looking for meanings... Ergo: Sue's designation of this poster being a "troll" is accurate.

Truth to tell, to say that you feel "retarded" simply mean you're feeling slowed... that there's a hurdle to overcome.

To be "Wii-Tarded" points to this hindrance as being the Nintendo Wii console...

If I say I hate "blacks", are you 100% sure I mean people of possible African origin... or black jelly beans?

Perhaps, before firing off your indignation, you should STOP and find out if, indeed, you're barking up the right tree... which in this case, with some relevance within my own life, I can safely say that I feel you are not.

Oh, and for the record, I loath black jelly beans... I'm not a fan of licorice flavouring... and as far as my fellow humans go, colour of skin or ethnic background has about as much to do with my feelings about a person as the colour of the ends of their shoelaces.

...granted, as seen, I have a VERY low tolerance for ignorance based on the WISH to appear sensitive and "politically correct". Those humans that are like this... well... they're just obviously retarded in their inability to look into a situation without prejudice.

..and yes, I'm using retarded above correctly.

I was debating throwing the troll for a REAL loop and with their poor understanding of the English language, say...

You're perverting the post and word to your own weird need to feel sympathetic.

...betting dollars for donuts that the loser didn't realise that to "pervert" something does NOT necessarily have to be in a sexual sense...

Lynn, Sue's right... don't feed the troll... I am glad I was prevented from doing it meself.