Friday, November 17, 2006

Creative With Curtains!

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Al's hat is lookin like a hat now.

This tapestry I used as a curtain valance in my old bedroom.
I really like the native motif so I saved it.
Today I turned it into a Knitting Kneedle Roll.



Laurie said...

At first glance I thought, wow, she is creative, she is knitting herself new curtains...haha..I didn't realise you had taken up knitting over the years that a knitting machine I see in the background. What kind of stuff ya making?

Anonymous said...

I found your blog through John in Alaska's blog. I live in Kenora (when I'm not travelling) and have a dog sled team. BUT I grew up in Newmarket. Specifically on Wildwood Dr. area.

I knit.

RheLynn said...

Very very cool Lynn! I've been meaning to make one of those - even got a pattern from a friend... but haven't gotten to it.

It is so long and you have a lot of needles :o) Very brave knitting a black hat!

Lynn said...

Haha Laurie, you have known me so long, and you never saw me knitting. I only knit a bit over the years we hung out together. In the early 90's was when I started working again, and I couldn't do too much knitting with the kind of jobs I did over the years. I often knit the little ornaments and stuff, but since I worked I basically only knitted baby blankets for showers and stuff.
I lent my Mom my machine when we moved to Newmarket, so you never got to see it.
I used to hand knit Aran Fisherman's cable knit sweaters in hand dyed and spun wool. They were sold in an art gallary and at the One of a Kind Craft Show in Toronto.

Lynn said...

Suzane we problably know sledders in common.

Lynn said...


I didn't use a pattern. It was already finished into a long rectangle. I folded in half to make it finished on two sides, then I just folded up the bottom. I compared the length. I just sewed up compartments. Some were measured out for specific things. I run the elastic so long needs could be tucked under it.

The Knit Wit said...

Holy monkeys that is one big needle roll. It's very cute!

charles said...

Wow ive never seen a lot of knitting stuff in all of my life.

Lynn said...

I inherited my Grandmother's knitting needles, and she had inherited her mothers to add to her own. There were alot of knitting needles in a plastic container and I couldn't find anything.
I also have alot of round knitting needles and they needed storage too.
It is big, but it covers all the needles, the stitch holders and guages, the sewing needles scissors, end covers, and counters.Plus I can store my marker rings too. Everything I need as far as a tool goes. I can take it to the yarn shop so I have an idea of what I don't have when I am looking at new patterns.

Anonymous said...

I have been in a slump but I hope it is not curtains for me? How can I help?

Anonymous said...

How long have you lived in Newmarket?