Saturday, November 11, 2006

Today's Theme is: Growth

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"....the Grinch's small heart
Grew three sizes that day!
"-from 'How The Grinch Stole Christmas'

Lucas is almost three weeks old already!

There is no doubting this tiny boy is very loved.

(Remembrance Day Post is two below)


Anonymous said...

Great photos. :) Perfect for the theme. :)

Thanks for stopping by my Remembrance Day post. My husband is currently an officer in the regular force, but he started out in the Reserves when he was a student at university, many years ago. So I am very aware of the important role our reservists play. Thank your husband and son for me, for their service.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Excellent pictures!

Lynn said...

I am very proud of my Husband and Son. They have talked about possibilities of attaching to a Reg force unit and going over. This is a decision they will make, and I will not ever stand before anyone and say there decision was not correct. I know if they go, they go with purpose and their choices were clear

Teena said...

Very cute pix!

Mine's up too :)

Karen said...

Very sweet photos.

barman said...

Love the pictures and so love the quote. It really made the pictures even more special.

Mandy said...

Babies are just wonderful bundles of love. I love your photographs, how adorable. I'm sure he'll bring many many years of joy to your family.


RheLynn said...

Such a sweet little one and yes so many who love him! Black and white photographs are great for this!

LibertyBelle said...

Lovely photos and good choices for this week's theme!
Mine's up too
Happy weekend!