Wednesday, November 22, 2006

An Eye Infection Is Keeping Me Out Of The Running......

Sorry folks, I am down for the count.
My dumb staff infection has come back in my eye.

I will be so happy with the opthomologyst appointment comes on Dec 11th.

This dumb infection and been plaguing me on and off since the end of September.
I get clear of it, then it comes back.

It tires me out so I have to rest this week.
That means no blogging, and lots of sleep.
Then I hope I will feel better so I can visit my Son on Saturday.

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Look under Priority Posts.

I also have a quiet battle going with an anonymous commentor on my previous post. So if you want the "skinny" on that you can go to the comments section of the Wii-tarded post.
Usually I just take soap boxy comments in stride, but I felt I should respond to this one.
Everyone has a cause. And I am fine with that.

I am just not so fine with folks pickin the heck out of every word. If we look hard enough we can make everything sound wrong.
I have spent the last year and a half working on positive only.
It is sad when someone works so hard to have negative only.

When it comes to me and my brain injury I will use the following terms:
brain fart
brain freeze
instant dumbness
Optical illusions vs Hallucinations
Hallucinatation vs Visions
Precognition vs Precontardation
New Normal
I can't even function
Effasia-Inability to speak clearly: like you know... menopause
Affasia only effects speaking. The typing issue is a whole other thing.
Loss of Memory-it must have been a lie.
It's geometric! It's Halucinigenic!

I use these words to describe me and keep my horrible life-changing brain injury as a secondary identification of me instead of a primary one.
If at this point in your life you cannot handle any of those words above then don't come back.
I don't promise not to use them when I am describing myself, my thought process, or my actions, and reactions.
Too Bad....


RheLynn said...

Yikes! I hope you don't have to wait until the 11th to see a doctor about it! That sounds serious!

**Sending warm thoughts your way for this and also for a Happy Thanksgiving (or your version of it)**

Lynn said...

Hey RheLynn,

I have seen two doctors about it and I have meds.
It just won't stay cleared.
Aparently my right eye is sticking out a bit more than the left as a result.
So the opthamologist is gonna get to the bottom of this inflamation and the reoccurances, and make sure my eye is not having another problem.
When one has headaches like I do, they Dr.s are much more cautious when you get a weird infection etc.

Anonymous said...

I didn't pick apart every word. I didn't have to hunt through your blog to find the term. You chose to put it as your title. I found it offensive. If you can't handle feedback then perhaps you shouldn't post in a public forum.

And the fact that you've had a brain injury doesn't give you free reign to choose what other people find offensive. Personally I think it's more offensive for you to use the term because you're adding to a stigma that will affect you as well.

Teena said...

Get better soon, Girl!

Lynn said...

I am surprised that someone who is so offended keeps coming back for more. Anonymous is a great soap box. Amazingly enough many many hundreds of people used Wii-tarded to describe themselves this weekend. If you google wii tarded you will find hundreds. And no one described it in negative terms except one who decided that anyone who would want the current games is wii tarded.

I am 100%certain I will offend and disappoint folks forever. Even in my next life.

Mother of Invention said...

Hope you're on the mend. Having flare-ups with chronic conditions is yucky! I've been having them lately too. Every fall I seem to have them.

You have a lot of spunk and are a busy gal so I don't imagine you'll be down for long!
"See" ya soon!

J said...

feel better, Lynn

Sue said...

Lynn, there is no point. If someone truly believes in what they are saying they will not hide behind "Anonymous."

Perhaps you should take their advice and turn the Anonymous" function off the comments.

Forcing people to identify themselves will reduce "trolls"

Anonymous said...

Hi again Lynn,
I left my previous comment before I read your blog. I think that says alot about my brain function too:) Glad you did what Sue said turn off anonym.
We all love ya just for who you are... just the way you are!!
Are you really are amazing in the so many things that you do!!
We've got many adventures to look forward to!
Just don't forget your Broom!!

Anonymous said...

Hope you feel better soon, Lynn!

karaoke queen said...

I agree with Sue - and I see that you updated it :) Good for you. If they stand behind their convictions, they will give a name. And uh... I can be a little wii-tarded sometimes too LOL