Saturday, November 11, 2006

The Care Package Arrived Early This Week!

Well my friend Knit Owl in Tennessee had some bad luck recently.
Her husband fell where they work and fractured his wrist and finger.
It required surgery, and they were in quite a mess for a couple of weeks.
It is horrible when a computer geek loses use of their hands.
Livelyhood and pass-time were put on hold to fix the poor thing's broken wing.

I really like this couple, they feel like another pair of "borrowed kids" like Rob and Becky(oh and now baby Lucas!!!!!)
And they are so much like Alex, in interests too.

I thought they could use a little CARE package.
I sent a little bit of everything.
But most of all I sent them some Newfoundland Savoury!
I know quite a few Newfies read this blog.
If you could post in comments some of the great things you can use the savory for, I know they would appreciate it!

Knit Owl was the first blogger who took part in exchanges, that I had ever read. She is my primary source for all things knitty and crafty. I just had to read a few of the blogs of her commentors to learn about the exchanges and how they work.
I really appreciate her organized work on her posts and her dedication to her readers. She is a really reciprocating blogger in comments.
We all know bloggers that we just clicked with over our blogging history! It is so cool! And reading about their projects is so much fun!

KnitOwl has posted some pictures of the care package. I am so glad it all arrived undamaged!

There are great gift and card exchanges that go on in big guilds of bloggers. Pea is looking for folks to exchange Christmas/Holiday cards with, if you are interested. I really feel like the blogger folks in the exchanges are really doing a great job of bringing back some social things we now miss in life. These are folk that are learning and teaching each of us about where they are from, what their culture is like, the crafts that they specialize in, and how creative one can be with wee budget. I am making some really great blogger/pen pals in these groups. It is the idea of finding or making something cheap that you can mail cheap. It is a really fun creative thing to get involved in! It also means we begin to get to know the post office gals really well! The next keen parcel is going to Caledonia in Scotland for our Christmas Grotto exchange set up by Mandy.

Did you know that alot of the needlework bloggers exchange at least one time a month! Yep I am not kidding. Someone had the creative idea to make a knit plus tea exchange! How awesome is that! there are groups that exchange yarn or patterns too.

My favourite one so far was Socks for Sheep. I really like the idea of knitting for a charity. I looked up charity knitting on Google. I found a red scarf campaign in the US for new immigrants first winter in America. I found hospital knitters for babie's hats and blankets. There are mitt knitters for charity too!

I know about the baby knitters and the mitt knitters and hat knitters from our local knitting shops in our Province. They are well known. Do you know how it all started? It started in the First World War. Folks were knitting for the troops. Sending huge parcels of knits for the boys on the front lines.

I am trying to think of a really unique exchange. I want to make it one that is great for guys and gals. I am not sure what yet. My grey matter is working on it....... If you have an idea tell me. I bet you can think of something you would like to exchange. My first idea was pins. Like flag pins. I send them in all my packages. Plus I try to send something made within 10 miles of my house, for the world at large. What is made near me? The famous candy "Rockets", the TY Beanie Babies, Richter's herbs, and Mars Bars, Reebock Running Shoes(I am not sending shoes!), and Hallmark Cards.

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RheLynn said...

Very kind words Lynn, thank you! I hope to get your drawing out next week. An area-unique exchange would be a great idea, can't wait to see what you come up with for the rules!